Film maker, construction worker, cabinet maker, heavy equipment operator, boat builder, airplane fuselage laminator, marketing communications professional, English teacher, arts administrator, writer, and artist, Darlene Pratt’s path has
been weird and wonderful. The many twists and turns she’s taken have been
valuable learning experiences that have brought her to the current iteration of
herself as a professional ceramic artist.

Darlene is inspired by fractals, succulents, sea creatures, and insects. Her one-of-a-kind ceramic sculptures are sensual, alluring, and playful. Their highly textured surfaces elicit curiosity, inviting intimate examination, visually and through touch. Darlene lovingly creates each piece for the daily enjoyment of their owners.

A builder at heart, Darlene is re-emerging as a practicing ceramic artist after a 15-year gap during which she traded her clay practice for time helping build and manage London Clay Art Centre in her home city of London, Ontario. Her passion for clay was reignited during the pandemic of 2020-22 when she was chosen to participate in a creative mentorship. The experience proved to be life-changing, compelling Darlene to explore conceptual sculptural forms and begin building her career as an artist rather than as an arts administrator.

Since childhood Darlene has been captivated by human ingenuity and fascinated with materials science. She continually tries to weave into her artwork the principles of design and engineering she observes in both manmade and natural forms.

In her words, “Ceramics is the world’s most ancient and complex art form. It demands seamless integration of the hands, heart, and mind. It can be both devastating and deeply gratifying. The challenges and infinite possibilities keep me excited for what will emerge from the next kiln load!"