Darlene Pratt Studios

Organic and sensual ceramic sculptures inspired by fractals, succulents, insects, and sea creatures.

About Darlene Pratt

I am emerging as a professional ceramic artist after a 15-year gap during which I put aside my clay hobby to go back to school, work full-time, raise kids, and lead volunteer efforts to build and manage ClayWorx: Ceramic Arts Learning Centre (formerly London Clay Art Centre) in London, Ontario. My passion for working with clay was reignited during the pandemic of 2020-22 when I was selected to participate in a creative mentorship under Lesley McInally. The highly textured forms I developed during that period reflect my deep love for the richness and complexity of the ceramic art form.

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One-of-a-kind Pieces

Each piece is handmade with attention to detail and care for its finished quality. Whether displayed on a table, standing on the floor, mounted on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling, pieces from Darlene Pratt Studios are skillfully designed and crafted to bring years of pleasure to their owners.

Ceramic Sculptural Forms

My fascination with fractals, living creatures, and life cycles is reflected in... 

Ceramic Sculptures

My fascination with fractals, living creatures, and life cycles is reflected in this body of work. The organic forms are deliberately in a state of tension with the mechanical textures stamped into the clay and the unnatural colours that lie beneath and peek around the edges of the lichen glaze. Viewers may simultaneously feel a vague sense of familiarity and alienation, enough to compel intimate examination of the surfaces, visually and through touch. My work is animalian, yet reminiscent of plants, and of fossils. New or old? Looking at this work, you may question your own position in time by questioning whether you are viewing objects of the past, present, or future.

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